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Virtual Investigations

Transport your students into the past

with interactive modules and

streaming video containing art,

historical photos and Mississippian artifacts

from Cahokia Mounds and museums

around the country.

Topics include:

•  Digging Up the Past

•  Before Columbus

•  City of the Sun

•  Ancient Architects

•  Gods & Heroes

•  Where Did the Mississippians Go?

Aligned to Standards

Lesson plans  incorporate 

state and national learning objectives in 

history, geography, math,

writing and technology.

Through reading, discussing, and

weighing evidence, 

students  develop historical thinking skills and become

practiced interpreters

of the past. 

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Extend Learning

Each investigation ends

with suggestions for

culminating projects such as

videos, slide presentations,

essays and art projects.

These will serve

to show what

students have learned.

P    R    O    J   E    C    T


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